Mega- XT 500

Compound enzymes for animal

XP50 Enzyme

In the dynamic world of animal nutrition, factors like ingredient availability, quality, demand, and pricing are in constant flux across regions. This variance compels nutritionists to make astute choices in feed ingredient selection, often necessitating the creation of multi-substrate diets to manage costs. The complexity of these diets demands a multi-enzyme approach to unlock their full potential. Multi-substrate diets, containing ingredients like corn, soy, wheat, rye, and barley, come with inherent anti-nutritional factors that can diminish metabolizable energy and hinder animal performance.
Mega’s Compound Enzyme, is a meticulously crafted enzyme blend designed to tackle the intricacies of multi-substrate diets. This innovative blend combines exogenous and endogenous enzymes to break down the diverse array of substrates within the feed. The outcome? An enhanced availability of Apparent Metabolizable Energy (AME) and amino acids, powering optimal nutritional utilization.
Mega’s Compound Enzyme serves as a strategic tool to manage feed expenses, an even more pertinent concern amid the current uncertain economic landscape and growing environmental considerations. XP50 Enzyme, a pinnacle of enzyme innovation, emerges as a premium composite enzyme, meticulously developed by our team of experts. This formulation takes into account the intricacies of animal diet, feed-based anti-nutritional factors, animal physiology, application environment, and enzymology characteristics. It harmonizes the intricate web of animal and environmental dynamics to create a scientific compound that supports thriving animals and sustainable environments.
  • Counters the anti-nutritional effects of dietary non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) through supplemental endogenous enzymes, effectively alleviating the negative impact of antigenic proteins on animals through advanced decomposition techniques.
  • Incorporates heat-resistant mannanase to counter the energy drain resulting from immune stimulation caused by mannan and other antigens.
  • Elevates the feed’s actual energy value, thereby unlocking its inherent potential.
Mega’s Compound Enzyme is not just a solution; it’s an evolution in animal nutrition, tailored to meet the intricate demands of modern livestock practices.