Mega- Phytase (DDT200)

Ultra Heat-Resistant Phytase

In the world of monogastric animals like poultry and pigs, a significant factor to consider is the absence of bacteria that produce Phytase. As a result, these animals struggle to efficiently use Phytic acid as a vital phosphorus source, leading to its elimination through feces.

MEGA Phytase: a potent powdered Phytase. Its primary function revolves around catalyzing the hydrolysis of insoluble phytic compounds within the digestive tract. This transformative process elevates the nutritional worth of plant-based materials by liberating inorganic phosphate from Phytic acid. Moreover, MEGA Phytase facilitates the release of phytate-bound nutrients, including calcium, phosphorus, other crucial minerals, carbohydrates, and proteins, ensuring enhanced absorption by animals.

Key Components

MEGA Phytase ( based on custom requirement)


  • Drives a remarkable enhancement in phytate phosphorus utilization;
  • Boosts the bioavailability of vital minerals like calcium, zinc, copper, and magnesium;
  • Holds the potential for elevating protein, amino acid digestibility, and energy accessibility;
  • Accomplishes financial savings while optimizing feed utilization without compromising performance;
  • Mitigates phosphorus excretion in manure, contributing to sustainability in intensive farming practices


  • Demonstrates superior efficiency in harnessing phytate phosphorus in comparison to other phytase products;
  • Exhibits remarkable performance across an extensive pH range;
  • Maintains stability even under demanding feed processing conditions;
  • Preserves effectiveness within the acidic stomach environment;
  • Fends off protease enzymes within animals’ digestive systems;
  • Ensures freedom from contaminants;
  • Facilitates higher phosphorus release within feed formulations;

Incorporating MEGA Phytase into your livestock’s feed regimen not only enhances nutrient utilization but also underscores your commitment to fostering sustainable and efficient farming practices.