Mega – Zinc Oxide ( Co-crystal technology)

No more releasing concern, No more pH resistance concern.

Drug co-crystals refer to crystals formed by the combination of active pharmaceutical ingredients ( API ) and co-crystal-forming compounds (CCF) under the action of hydrogen bonds or other non-covalent bonds. API molecule maintains the original efficacy since it does not change. However, the solubility, bioavailability, and stability of the co-crystal drugs are greatly improved, thus becoming an essential technology for human pharmaceutical preparations.

Products Advantage
►Good taste, correct the metal astringency of the original powder, promote animal feeding;
►High rate of passing through the stomach, avoid intestinal release problem of coating technique;
►Maintain the pharmacological activity of zinc oxide as a co-crystal, directly involved in sterilization, convergence, and anti-diarrhea;
►Reduce the intake of free zinc ions into the blood circulation and maintain the pig hair smooth.


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